Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Supporters very proud to Indonesian National Team

At the end of 2010, the Indonesian National Team make an appearance that makes proud Indonesian society. In his appearance at the AFF Cup 2010,, Indonesia shows what is in the game had never seen. Great game shown by Garuda Indonesia makes national team were unbeaten in the preliminary round AFF Cup 2010. So that the Indonesian National Team can fight in the final AFF Cup 2010.
Finally, from that appearance, Indonesian National Team has received support from all Indonesian people. From the information that I can, be seen huge support shown by people in cyberspace. the networking site Twitter, #Support Timnas and #Otw GBK to be trending topic for some time when Indonesia competed in the final of AFF Cup 2010 in Malaysia and Indonesia
Although in the end, Indonesian national team lost against Malaysia in the leg 1 with problems that exist, it did not dampen to the spirit of Indonesian national team supporters.

Maybe it cause many people very proud with Indonesian National Team. Beside that, from First leg Final Match, many people say that the national team is a real winner, they see a variety of fraud in malaysia national team, especially to his supporters. And cause loss of concentration Indonesian team and make a national team defeat. In SUGBK, main stadium in Indonesia there are many posters from Indonesian National Supprorters,  for Malaysian's fraud. One of them posters said "LEBIH BAIK KALAH DARI PADA MENANG CURANG". that means defeat is more better than win with a way that's not true 
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